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The area size and the scope of the object are displayed in the message window.


The determined line length is displayed in the message window.


A section of a map window can be exported to various CAD and GIS output formats. Only the objects within the desired section are exported (clipping). The export can span several levels at the same time.


Closes all map services (for example Bing, WMS) in one or all map windows and returns the projection and calculation method (cartesian / spherical) of the map window to plausible values.


The Excel Export can span several levels at the same time. There is no MS Access Engine needed!


Click anywhere in a map window. Google Maps will be opened automatically in your browser and zoomed to the appropriate place.


Objects can be labeled with information about their geometry (coordinates, length, area) and / or with the attribute values set in the layer control.


Any images can be placed directly in a map window at any position.


Records of a table can be sorted in ascending or descending order according to the values in up to four columns at the same time. Also a numerical sorting and a physical sorting are available.


Search database entries and replace them with other values.