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MapCAD_32x32 MapInfo MapCAD Tools

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MapInfo MapCAD is an add in to MapInfo Pro for land development and surveying tasks.

This set of powerful CAD drawing tools extends basic MapInfo Pro drawing functionalities to make working with graphical objects even easier.

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Important information for the work with MapInfo MapCAD

We highly recommend undoing changes using Revert Table instead of Undo, because most MapInfo MapCAD functions executes several processes sequentially.

Please read the notes concerning Line intersection, Fillet/Chamfer, Snap to Lines and Move Duplicate Nodes functions before using them. These functions are able to modify objects in non editable layers.

Vorsicht_klein Processing objects in world coordinate systems (longitude/latitude) generates strange results in some circumstances when they cannot be avoided and are caused for technical reasons (e.g. in combination with Rotate or Create parallel).

Vorsicht_klein Objects in the cosmetic layer are processed with a lower accuracy or are not supported by some features.

Some drawing-functionality only work with specified object types: Rectangles, Rounded Rectangles, Text, MultiPoints, or Collections are mostly supported but in some cases not fully.

Only relevant tables should be selectable (better performance).

MapCAD requires a map window.

Map units will be automatically switched to Using Cartesian.

The layout window is not supported.



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