Technical Information

To run Ribbon Designer and the RibbonSDK Library

MapInfo Pro Version 12.5 (or higher) - 64-Bit must be installed
.NET Framework 4.5.2 must be installed


Starting the RibbonDesigner to define your own Ribbon and controls

RibbonDesigner.exe > calling with the default culture
RibbonDesigner.exe –c en > calling english version
RibbonDesigner.exe –c de > calling german version


Run your own MapBasic application

To run applications using the RibbonSDK library with MapInfo Pro x64, at least the following files are required in the same directory:

Your own MapBasic MBX
<AddIn-Name>.Ressources.xml (generated with the Ribbon Designer)
GeoAS.Gis.MapInfo64.dll (Ribbon SDK library)
GeoAS.RibbonSDK.dll (Ribbon SDK library)
Own icon dll's or icon files must be stored in the same directory or in a subdirectory of the generated <AddIn-Name>.Ressources.xml