2. Transfer Steps

1.Copy the green highlighted code into your MapBasic x32 source code.
2.Give an Addin_Name
3.Delete your old menu and buttonpad commands

declare sub Main

declare sub mShow

declare sub mTheme


Declare Sub EndHandler

Declare Method New_RibbonSDK Class "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.Addin" Lib "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.dll" Alias Ctor_CreateInstance() as This

Declare Method Initialize Class "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.Addin" Lib "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.dll" Alias Initialize(ByVal p1 as This, ByVal p2 as refptr, ByVal p3 as String)

Declare Method Unload Class "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.Addin" Lib "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.dll" Alias Unload(ByVal p1 as This)

Declare Function AddIn_Name() As String

Global myAddIn as This



Sub EndHandler

 call Unload(myAddIn)

End Sub


Function AddIn_Name() As String

 AddIn_Name = "MyApp"

End Function


sub Main

 'Create Menu "MyApp" as

 '        "Show" calling mShow,

 '        "Theme" calling mTheme

 'Alter Menu bar add "MyApp"


 myAddIn = New_RibbonSDK()

 call Initialize(myAddIn, SYSTEMINFO(SYS_INFO_IMAPINFOAPPLICATION), ApplicationName$() )

end sub


sub mShow

 note "Show"

end sub


sub mTheme

 note "Theme"

end sub