Resource file

The Ribbon Designer generates a simple XML file. This file contains all the settings, properties and conditions for Controls.

The file name must correspond to the AddIn_Name of the application. (e. g. AddIn_Name="MyApp" -> Recource file: MyApp.Resourcen.xml)

The file must be stored in the same directory as the MBX of your application.


See also: Addin_Name


XML Example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-16"?>

<Ribbon xmlns:xsd="" xmlns:xsi="">


   <Tab Name="RibbonTab1" Caption="Ribbon SDK Examples" Index="5" Application="HelloWorld" Visible="true">


       <Group Name="RibbonGroup1" Caption="Hello World" Index="0" Application="HelloWorld" Visible="true">


           <Control Name="Button1" Caption="Hello World" Index="0" CommandId="0" Calling="HelloWorld" Cursor="0" DrawMode="34" Type="Button" IsToggle="false" IsSelected="false" Enabled="true" Visible="true" ModifierKeys="false" IsLarge="true" LargeIconName="world.png" IconDLL="" ToolTipText="Calling the HelloWorld-routine in the HelloWorld.mbx" Application="HelloWorld" Requires="None" HelpId="0" Orientation="Vertical" RequiresSelection="None" RequiresReadOnly="None" RequiresEditable="None" RequiresMappable="None" RequiresFrontWindow="None" />