New Ribbon SDK


Creates a new ribbon instance.


Type: MapBasic Function

Return Value: This



The function returns a new ribbon instance for each application. You have to call this function from the main sub of your MapBasic application. To define the name of the instance set a variable Global myAddIn as This. You can use these variable to initializes the application or to remove the initialization, e. g. within the EndHandler



The following example creates a new instance and Initializes the instance with Mi platform and application


Declare Method New_RibbonSDK Class "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.Addin" Lib "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.dll" Alias Ctor_CreateInstance() as This

Declare Method Initialize Class "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.Addin" Lib "GeoAS.RibbonSDK.dll" Alias Initialize(ByVal p1 as This, ByVal p2 as refptr, ByVal p3 as String)

Global myAddIn as This


sub Main

 'Create a new ribbon instance

 myAddIn = New_RibbonSDK()

 'Initializes instance with Mi platform and application

 call Initialize(myAddIn, SYSTEMINFO(SYS_INFO_IMAPINFOAPPLICATION), ApplicationName$() )

end sub



See also: Initialize, Unload