Plot Template (Run)

Ribbon HOME - Group Output

PlotTemplateDialog_32x32The Plot Template function can be used to create directly print pages just by calling an existing template from the list.



Plot Template (Administration)

Dialog PlotMap

The templates are managed via the Plot Map dialog.. All settings of the dialog boxes can be saved as a template.

The templates can be used

to create directly print pages
and also to set the default values in the Plot Map dialog boxes.



Creates a new template with the current settings. The template can be named freely and is automatically supplemented with the values for scale, paper format and orientation.


The selected template will be saved under a different name.


The selected template will be deleted.


The selected template will be updated with the currently used settings.

Take it

The settings of the selected template will be set in the dialogs and can be used.



Info Note on single installation

The templates are saved in the table PlotConfig.TAB. This table is located directly in the installation directory of MapPlot. If you have created many templates with complex settings, we recommend occasionally backing up this table.