Plot Options

Dialog PlotMap

The options allow additional elements to be placed on the print page. The elements can be placed outside the map frame in the header / footer of the page or at the top / bottom of the map frame. They can be aligned left, center, or right on the page.

The selection of elements is done via 12 drop downs on the dialog box.



Drop downs


Insert static or dynamic texts on the print page. Selecting the entry Text [..] opens a dialog for entering text.

Individual text
Input of any one or more lines of text.

Text from query result based on a table
If objects have been selected in the map window, database attributes for an object can be inserted as text on the print page. The matching SQL statement is entered in the text field for this purpose.

Example: Parcels are selected in the map window. In a text field, a SQL statement (SELECT ...) is entered. As soon as the layout is created, the SQL statement is executed and the values are determined from the table - per selected object, so it also works in the case of several previously selected objects in the merge. The values will be inserted as text on the print page to the chosen text position (1 - 12).

The condition for the SQL statement is that only one column is returned per text. So no comma may be included as a column separator. Multiple columns can be connected with "+" or "&".

The FROM clause at the end of the SQL statement is optional. If a table is specified, a corresponding message appears before execution, unless the selected objects are from this table. If no FROM clause is specified, it checks to see if the SQL statement contains consistent columns.

SQL statements may also be more complex and produce a multi-line result.

Example SQL-Text


Result on the print page


Font type and font size
The default font is set with the button in the middle of the Options dialog box. On the input dialog of each text, the font can be set to very small, small, normal (default), large or very large.

Line feed
A new line in the input field is obtained by pressing the key combination Ctrl + Enter. This also works with a SQL text (see example). Alternatively, instead of the line break, the well-known ASCII code + str$(10) can be used in the SQL text.


Insert logos, stamp fields, graphics or photos on the print page

Choose the entry Image file [..] to enter a file name and define the image height in the print page. If these setting should be stored in a template, the image file should be located in a global accessible directory.


Insert the chosen scale as text on the print page in the format 1 : XXX.


Insert the current date as text on the print page.

hmtoggle_arrow1North arrow

Insert a north arrow on the print page. The arrow icon comes from a TrueType font and is set with the button in the middle of the Options dialog box. Depending on the angle of rotation, the north arrow is displayed accordingly.


Insert the corner and center coordinates of the map frame on the print page (using the current map projection).

With the left and right drop downs, the corresponding corner coordinates are inserted. With the middle drop downs the center coordinates are inserted.


Global Settings

hmtoggle_arrow1Font Style

Choose then default Font Style and Font Size. This default setting will be used for all texts in the print page that are inserted. Optionally, the text size for individual texts and texts from a query result can be changed from normal to larger or smaller.

hmtoggle_arrow1North Arrow

Choose then default Font Style and Font Size for the North Arrow symbol. Only real true type fonts can be used.


Creates grid crosses or grid lines within the map frame of the printed page.

Line style, Spacing and Size define the crosses. If the spacing and size are identical, grid lines are created instead of crosses. With rotated maps, the grids are displayed rotated accordingly.

If no grid crosses / grid lines are desired set Spacing and Size to Zero.


Defines the style of the selected objects in the map frame of the print page. The style can be chosen freely and does not depend on the selection style in MapInfo

hmtoggle_arrow1Page Margin

Defining the printable area on the paper. This setting is used for all four margins and can be used in addition to the printer-specific margins.